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The New Culture Discussion Group is an open forum of all New Culture communities for discussing any topic related to the exploration of “New Culture”, including (but not limited to) the formation of new communities in which this culture can be modeled. If you are interested in participating in an ongoing discussion about the manifestation of a new culture based on the principles described elsewhere on this site, you are welcome to join the discussion.

Discussion Group Background Information

In September of 1998, a number of people who have been participating in NFNC events decided to begin to explore the formation of a community dedicated to the creation and modeling of a new culture. People who had been associated with NFNC had made forays into community formation, but these had all been attempted only in the Portland area, and with varying degrees of success. What made this most recent experiment different was that the interested individuals were spread throughout the United States and linked only by their common desire to form community and their experiences of NFNC events. Not everyone knew each other.

Using the Internet and email as the primary medium of communication, many of the essential steps towards building a lasting community were uncovered and explored. This discussion group was created to support the initial explorations and ongoing dialogue that was targeted at identifying other essential building blocks towards achieving the final goal.

It is important to note that no firm template exists for the formation of this community. That is to say that each building block is formed as the result of an idea presented to the group and then modified by a process of consensus until the the end result is a reflection of the unique mix of people involved. This is very much a work in progress. The community or communities that will evolve from the information being shared here will be as unique as the individuals who participate.

In January of 2000 it was observed that for whatever reasons, the energy for community formation had waned; and the focus of the discussion group was expanded to include discussion of any topic related to the exploration of “New Culture”, including (but not limited to) the formation of new communities in which this culture can be modeled.

Community Mission(Vision) Statements (as posted by Russ)
Community Mission(Vision) Statements (as posted by Miaya)

The following items have been offered by participants for reference purposes during the discussions regarding the creation of a new community:


Joining the Discussion Group

So, you have reviewed the documentation above, and have a feel for our vision and values. You have considered your own values and what you would like to see in a new culture that would embrace you as a unique individual.

Introduce yourself and tell us about your own interests and what drew you to us. We will look forward to having you in the discussions!

The New Culture discussion list is hosted by Yahoo! groups, and is identified there by the name “nfnc-all”.

Consider this list as a virtual living room, with a conversation in progress. When you walk in, introduce yourself. If you need to leave, say your goodbyes and let us know what you thought of your time here.

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